About Chase
Experiential Marketing
The evolution of brand-love is based on a multi disciplinary program matching consumer' movement and preferences, to unique moments. Experiential Marketing encourages consumers to participate and connect, aiming for a lasting emotional connection between brands and target audience. Depending on client goals versus target group, the development of each strategy is based on our touch-point model. Connecting the dots on a high level of expertise, matching activation strategy to both brands’ and consumer’ movement.
We carry brand awareness and connect anywhere at any time of the day
Our business concerns offline marketing, however, we maintain a strong link to digital activation throughout our campaign strategy. Brand activation leads to content driving both online interaction and ultimately social amplification, as well as generating consumer data. Every positive connection through offline activation creates buzz, which leads to [digital] impact that can be measured.
Brand Ambassadors
In-house trained Brand Ambassadors enabling dialogue between brands and consumers, carrying out the brand statement, supported by activation materials. We stand for active communication with our offline teams, supporting them with an on the go available activation strategy, project statements, debriefing possibilities and other relevant brand knowledge in the Chase app. This short line in communication enables us to directly interact with our Brand Ambassadors and download activation results relating to targets, contacts and consumer feedback.